The project is to develop and operate geothermal powered apple cold storage chain facilities along the Satluj river basin of Kinnaur region, in the North-Western Himalayan region of India. The aim is to demonstrate and develop the direct use of heat from the geothermal resource in the area to fulfil the required cold storage equipment energy demand. The geothermal resource in the area has been successfully proven during the feasibility study and shallow exploration drilling. Utilizing direct heat instead of electricity for cooling will be achieved using the well proven and commercially available vapor absorption technology which converts heat energy into refrigeration effect without using electricity. Utilizing direct heat from a geothermal resource rather than electric energy will help reduce the operation cost, thus providing an economical way of storing apple harvest.

Studies was done for exploring the geothermal energy potential in the region. The study involved conducting detailed mapping using geochemcial and geophysical surveys for inferring the geothermal resources. Later steps involved conducting exploration drilling in the selected sites for proving the resource. Results from the study shows availbility of low-to medium enthalpy geothermal potential in the area, as required for the cooling application. The ongoing development involves building facilities for storing apples at one of the selected sites in the Kinnour region. The project plan invlvove scaling the business potential by developing other sites in the region with similar potential.


The Himalayan region in India represents the most prospective region for geothermal development. The region has witnessed a constant growth in study and exploration related to geothermal development in the North-Western Himalayan region. The North-East Himalayas region however, has remained un-noticed in terms of the available geothermal resources in the region and its potential to support the energy needs of the local community.

As a first initiation of its kind in the region, a project focused on the feasibility studies and demonstration for utilization of geothermal energy resources in North-East Himalayas has been initiated by Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) for which the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Delhi has provided the grant.

The project has the following objectives:

  • Utilization of Geothermal Energy for heating/cooling for the benefit of the society in North-Eastern Himlayas.
  • A practical demonstration project illustrating the utilization of Geothermal energy.

With Iceland and its companies known for geothermal development worldwide, GEOTROPY aims to provide its expertise for geothermal development in the region with following scope of work defined:

  • Reconnaissance study
  • Strategy for field survey and project development
  • Resource assessment and optimum site selection for demonstration
  • Drilling and exploitation
  • Design and installation for direct use application of geothermal energy
  • Workshops and knowledge dissemination