What Do We Do


We provide consultations and partnerships in the following different fields of work:

  • Preliminary assessment of the geothermal resource potential for combined power generation and direct use applications, based on ground surveys.
  • Thermo-economic optimization of the resource utilization for cascaded applications of power generation and direct use of heating and cooling.
  • Optimizing preliminary exploration and production drilling program using wellbore flow and pump simulation for minimizing pump power and drilling cost.
  • Price modelling, business building and valuations.


With expertise and experience in developing geothermal resources from the initial stage of reconnaissance, surveys and market assessment to the final technology installation, GEOTROPY is well positioned for the successful implementation of geothermal projects.

We believe in the wider opportunities presented by geothermal energy resources, and strive to maximize their utilization beyond just electricity. With direct use opportunities, these diverse uses of geothermal can become fully realized. This more “complete” development supports not only the geothermal business model, but also local economies.

We are not only vertically integrating our experience and capabilities, but are also horizontally expanding the commercial opportunities presented by geothermal development.


GEOTROPY is engaged in active research and development. The ongoing research development includes:

  • State of the art models for optimizing geothermal energy utilization for cascaded applications. This involves managing combined power, heating and cooling load demands during day and season cycles from a single geothermal energy source.
  • Well flow modelling for oil and gas based geothermal resources having high CO2 and CH4 gas content, with focus on optimizing resource exploitation.
  • Developing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based models for

studying processes involving two-phase flow in a geothermal system.

  • Developing mitigation technologies for superheated steam utilization.

We believe in active engagements with our clients for joint research and development by equally contributing to human resources, data sharing and case studies.

Our core team member has contributed to several publications in various international journals and conferences related to the field of geothermal energy research.