Our mission is to promote thermo-economic methods and socio-environmentally sustainable ways for geothermal development. We follow optimization-based approaches for our project development and services with a vision to achieve a thermodynamic and economic efficient solution for project development and client services.


We are passionate about efficient utilization of geothermal energy. The objective of our work is to deliver a thermo-economic optimum solution to our customers using combined application of the developed models, based on their requirements. Geothermal projects in general follow a series-based development such that the surveys and assessment follow a sequential procedure rather than a parallel development approach. The fact is well exploited as our strategy, by having a multi-diverse human resource to achieve the following goals:


Minimizing resource assessment cost by utilizing human resources to its maximum efficiency at every step of development.


Achieving optimization by maximizing the number of field variables for resource assessment while having a single end objective function of maximizing thermo-economic output.

Core Team



Tomas Hansson M.Phil.

Tomas has a BSc and M.Phil. in Economics and Finance (Ph.D. program) University of Iceland and New York University. Additional courses in Physics and Chemistry at University of Iceland. Certified Securities Dealer (Iceland), 25 years of experience in Banking, M&A, Project and Investment Management, and Teaching. Central Bank of Iceland (Senior Economist), Islandsbanki (Deputy Managing Director of Investment Banking), Lead Consultant for NOVATOR a Leading Private Equity House in London, Teaching at University of Iceland and University of Reykjavik. Investor and Consultant Atom innovations in the UK. And most recently chairman of GEG ehf, an Icelandic Geothermal company that pioneered the development of scalable geothermal power plants.

Dr. Vijay Chauhan


Vijay Chauhan has a Doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering from Háskólinn í Reykjavík (Reykjavik University). His PhD research work was focused on developing techniques for superheated steam scrubbing and utilization for power generation, in relation to the Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP). His research interests include Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), thermo-economic optimization of geothermal power plants and mitigation technology development for the treatment of geothermal fluid with acid gas and solid impurities. He also has experience in design and installation for the direct usage of geothermal resources and ground source heat pumps for space heating. He has served as a Chief Research Officer (CRO) at GEG for three years.

He is also actively involved as an adjunct faculty member and researcher at Reykjavik University, including project supervision of master’s and PhD students, with the objective of narrowing the gap between industry and academia. He has several publications in various international journals and conferences related to the field of geothermal energy research. Vijay Chauhan has been responsible for carrying out the resource feasibility and exploration of different projects.

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